The Life Changing Training for Med Spa Owners

Growth99 University takes proven techniques in marketing, time management, automation and search engine optimization to help Med Spa owners transform their business to a multi-million dollar operation. Cameron Hemphill, CEO of Growth99, explains the step-by-step process he's used with Med Spas around the United States, to make them more profitable.

"Growth99 has been extremely helpful with helping me launch our new Specialized Facial Aesthetics Practice. They are always so quick to respond and on top of it! Growth99 has helped me navigate the very overwhelming and confusing marketing world. They have completely rebuilt our website and continue to make real-time changes as needed, they created an online store for us, they assist us monthly with email content and marketing material creation, they optimize SEO and have increased our digital presence, and more. I would highly recommend working with them. I've done business with similar companies and no one comes close to the responsiveness and attention to detail that Growth99 provides. Totally worth the investment. Five stars all day long."

- Shelby Miller, Ruma Aesthetics

Shelby Miller Ruma Aesthetics

Cameron Hemphill, CEO Growth99

Cameron comes from extensive technology, marketing, and entrepreneur background. Since his early career, he has overseen several technology/marketing ventures including mid to high-level exits that have positioned him as a true technology, consulting, marketing, and business expert. When it comes to building a business he preaches automation, processes, and leveraging technology to streamline all aspects of customer engagement. Although he has built several multi-million dollar companies before 35, he has more drive than ever to assist all entrepreneurs to succeed. 

“If you know your “WHY” nobody can stop your dreams from reality” - Cameron Hemphill